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Aristocrat Casinos & Pokies in Australia

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Since the time Australia became an independent part of the Commonwealth, Aristocrat is probably the most royal company in the country. But these aristocrats do not hunt foxes, nor do they have tea parties in their mansion.

Aristocrat the company may have the royal name, but they work hard every day to provide you with the best gambling experience you can get in the company’s wide assortment of casinos.

Hundreds of gambling websites offer games made by this Australian-based developer. Finding an Aristocrat casino in Australia will not be a hard task. What’s harder is to find casino sites that don’t only have a good assortment of Aristocratic pokies but also have reliable payment and withdrawal and can offer a great gambling experience overall.

That’s what this article is about and what Online Casino AU helps you accomplish. Choose a casino from our list, make a deposit, and play the best Aristocrat pokies. Want to learn more? Read on, and you’ll find information about the best pokies from this games developer, its brief history, and learn what you can expect from Aristocrat casinos.

Top Aristocrat Casinos For Aussies

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Aristocrat Casino Games

Aristocrat started out as a company that made video pokies machines for land-based casinos, much like the other big companies that have been in the industry for over a decade. While Aristocrat was a huge success at the time, as the era of the internet started reshaping the world of online gambling, it was struggling to adapt.

Aristocrat was known for ported casino games that had vintage graphics and were exactly what you’d expect to see in a casino in Sydney in 2004. But right now, the company is gaining up on the competition. A couple of strategic acquisitions, and now Aristocrat is using motion capture to create pokies. Now, that’s something that tells you a lot about the level of quality there.

Here are the best pokies made by Aristocrat, both old and new.

Big Red

If you’re looking for something authentic, Aristocrat has got you covered. Big Red is one of the most Australian pokies you can find. It is set in the Australian outback and the cover for the game is a huge kangaroo that looks more jacked than Sonny Schmidt. But don’t worry, in this game, Australian outback won’t welcome you with a spider in your shoe. It’ll greet you with dingos, crocodiles, eagles, wild boars, and your standard poker values.

For all its simple yet beautiful design style, it can scare some of the players that are used to the modern online pokies. This game only has 5 paylines, but if you’re willing to take the risk, you’ll stumble across huge wins.


If you’re into vintage-looking slots, Zorro is a great choice. It’s not based on any of the multiple movies about the character in particular but is a loose adaptation of Zorro’s character. Wear the black mask for one evening and go on a Robin Hood-like quest to steal from the rich and give to the poor. The rich being the casino management, and the poor being you, even if your bank account is in the black.

You’ll get to bet across 25 paylines and spin characters from the Zorro franchise along with some regular poker values. With its low minimum bet requirement and low volatility, it’s a perfect slot for a low roller who is enamored with vintage cinema.

Mission: Impossible

Are you a movie fan? Then you’ll have a blast playing Aristocrat’s Mission: Impossible slot. It’s exactly what you can imagine, a pokie about the famous flick starring the one and only Tom Cruise. You’ll be feeling the same mix of upliftedness and anxiety when you spin this slot as the lead character of the movie in the middle of pulling off the heist.

If you’re a high-roller who sometimes considers slots that are on the medium side of things, you may also like this slot. The maximum bet here is A$50, which is larger than what some other Aristocratic slots offer.


Buffalo is Aristocrats’s biggest pokies franchise, and you will find this game in all Aussie Aristocrat casinos. The reason it got so popular is the fact that it has a great design that was way ahead of its time when it was released. Boot up this slot machine, and you’ll get to enjoy the views of the American wilderness and spin wild animals like buffalos, wolves, mountain lions, and the symbol of the US, the bald eagle. They’ll be accompanied by the poker values as usual.

Place a minimum bet of one cent, and you’ll get access to 1024 ways to win. That’s a great deal if there is one. If you’re too hooked up on the slot and want something similar to it, Aristocrat has another five slots that follow on the style of Buffalo. It is the company’s most successful franchise, after all.

Game of Thrones

If Zorro wasn’t a good enough media reference, take a look at this slot. Aristocrat doesn’t disclose how much did it pay for the exclusive rights to create a Game of Thrones slot, but it must have been a fortune. If you’re one of the numerous fans of this series that too the word by the storm, you will surely love this slot.

Dive right in George R.R. Martin’s world of fire and ice and spin your favorite characters on an unconventional gameboard. The board has 5 reels and four rows, with an additional couple of rows forming a triangle on top of it for bigger wins. You’ll send stacked wilds across the reels, trigger and play minigames, as well as enjoy cinematic cutscenes. And remember, jackpots are coming!


Up on the list of most unlikely pokies collaborations is the Britney slot. Aristocrat actually worked with Britney Spears on the slot, and the result is an all-pink pokies machine that resembles the old-time one-armed-bandits that were popular in the times of the gold rush.

The land-based cabinet actually has the lever you have to pull to get your win, but the online version can’t provide that kind of fun. What it can provide is a flashy classic slot that may not have that many symbols but is dynamic enough to keep you winning for hours.


If you thought Aristocrat would stop being ingenious with their pokies collaborations, you were wrong. This Aussie company did a collaboration with a soda drink out of all things. Even if you prefer coke, the 7UP slot will be a great addition to your collection of pokies. You’ll be even more intrigued when you learn this slot has a huge jackpot that every bet, even the smallest one, can trigger.

Feels interesting yet? If it does, explore this classic slot with a modern twist in one of the online casinos that have Aristocrat pokies today.

History of Aristocrat Gaming

Aristocrat Gaming is the single best Australian-based casino games developer. It has worked its way up from a company that made gaming cabinets for local casinos to an international giant of a company.

It all started way back in 1953 in Sydney. The company quickly grew and now has offices all around the world including the US, NZ, Japan, Sweden, and India. In 2011, Aristocrat Gaming has joined the world of online gambling and started producing online pokies along with land-based cabinets. The first attempts were just ports of vintage-looking pokies to online casinos, but flash forward to 2020, and the company is using motion capture to create animation for their new online slots.

Aristocrat is a proud member of the Gaming Technologies Association of Australia, the Australian Gaming Council and the American Gaming Association, so it’s widely recognized in the industry. As an additional proof of this company’s achievements, it has taken home two prizes on the 2019 Global Gaming Awards, one for the best slot, and one for the land-based industry supplier. It even went as far as to sponsor one of the nominations in the contest.

Aristocrat Casino Features 1000

Aristocrat Gaming does have plenty of engaging slots, but that’s not all an Aussie gambler wants from an Aristocrat casino. You want an ecosystem that would be appealing to visit every week and get your gambling fix. If you’re worried about that, here’s a breakdown of all the pros and cons of Aristocrat online casinos.

Aristocrat Cons

No casino Games

Are you an avid table games fan? You can’t imagine a great evening of gambling without placing a bet or two on roulette or trying to beat the dealer at blackjack? Well, then there’s bad news for you. Aristocrat Gaming never made table games its main focus. It has only focused on pokies for the whole time it was in operation and there are no casino games produced by this company.

It’s a shame since such a great manufacturer of pokies would surely present us with a couple of unforgettable games. The sad truth is if you’re a big fan of both Aristocrat pokies and gambling, you would have to pick a side.

However, since Aristocrat pokies are hosted on some of the biggest casinos in Australia, you will still have the chance to get plenty of table games, just not from this game developer. If that’s important to you, check with the Online Casino AU review to make sure the casino you’re choosing has a good selection of table games.

Big focus on land-based games

Aristocrat was founded as a land-based pokies developer and never ceased to be one. Even though its efforts are now becoming more and more focused on online gambling, it is still a primarily land-based game manufacturer.

Since the main revenue stream of the company is so heavily reliant on the gaming cabinets development, it can slow down the development of new online titles.

Aristocrat Pros

A lot of games

Despite being mainly focused on land-based games development, Aristocrat is quite a prolific company. The ports of their best performing land-based games themselves gave this company quite a portfolio of online pokies. Add up all the titles that were developed since 2011, and you’ll get well over 200 pokies in their arsenal.

If you don’t really care about table games and just want an assortment of regular pokies, Aristocrat has got you covered. You can safely choose a casino that only hosts Aristocrat games, and you will be satisfied playing at it for months.

Culture-inspired pokies

Are you a culture aficionado? Whether you love pop singers or old cinema, Aristocrat Gaming has something to offer. The number of pokies inspired by all kinds of media and culture personalities this game developer shows in their portfolio of casino slots is amazing. It may be the biggest collection of pokies like this out there.

Do you love the 1920 Mask of Zorro and its 1998 adaptation starring Antonio Banderas? Aristocrat has a slot for that. Do you love Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible series? Aristocrat has a slot for that. Do you love Britney Spears or Madonna? Aristocrat has a slot for that.

They even have a slot featuring 7UP. Yes, 7UP, as in the drink. The number of cultural references this company is willing to come up with is endless.

Classic pokies

Are you not a big fan of modern slots that look more like a video game or a cartoon that a proper slot? Well, even though Aristocrat has plenty of modern-looking slots, it’s also famous for its vintage slots. Buffalo, the best performing slot that Amatic has ever produced, is one of those.

It doesn’t feature Hollywood-worthy animation or breakthrough mechanics. It offers a good-looking art style and a gameplay loop we all know and love. This is why it became such a hit. If you’re a fan of these kinds of slots, you will find Aristocrat casinos more than engaging.

The game developer goes even deeper into the idea of being old-school and creates classic slots complete with the lever you can pull to initiate a spin. Sure, you don’t get to experience that online, but you can experience the amazing 3-reel slots that take the old mechanic to a new level.

Hit series

Are you a gambler who often falls in love with a particular kind of slot and can’t get enough of it? You must know the feeling that you get when you’ve already played that slot for too much time and it starts to bore you, but you still want to experience a slot of similar art style and mechanics.

If that’s a feeling you tend to get often, Aristocrat has got you covered. It has a couple of award-winning slots that turned into series. The sequel slots are not the same as the original but are close enough to scratch the same itch without being repetitive.

Good casino coverage

Unlike some of the lesser-known developers, Aristocrat is everywhere. Sure, it’s not in literally every major casino like Microgaming or NetEnt, but it’s in most casinos. In Australia, at least, it’s in the majority of online casinos. After all, who can pass on an Australian casino developer that made it big internationally?

The benefits of this go far beyond getting to play Aristocrat Gaming casinos no matter where you go. One of the biggest benefits representation in casinos gives you is diversity in games. Aristocrat doesn’t have table games in its arsenal, but that’s only a concern to you if you’re gambling at an Aristocrat-only casino. If you’re playing at a big international or Aussie casino, there will be plenty of table games from other developers.

Also, as much as you can love Aristocrat slots, you can’t play the same games forever. Sooner or later, you’ll want to switch things up a bit and try something different for a change. This is where being at a big casino that has all sorts of developers on the board starts paying. If you choose a casino from the Online Casino AU list, it will start paying literally, as you’ll win big and have not problems with withdrawals.

An Australian company

This one is a minor benefit, but plenty of Aussies love to support a local manufacturer. Even though Aristocrat has offices around the world, it remains an Australian company and cares about Aussie gamblers. They’re trying out their slots in both land-based and online casinos in Australia and have your interest in mind.

Interesting things to come

While Aristocrat’s collection of slots is impressive enough and the company is winning plenty of awards already, we believe that its most interesting products are yet to come. The recent series of acquisitions of young and inspiring game developers look extremely promising. We can expect a lot of great games coming from this developer.

The recent company news shows the developers using motion capture technology to develop animations for the new games, and the level of graphical details on Aristocrat’s recent slots is amazing already. You can be sure Aristocrat has a couple of aces up its sleeve for 2020.

Aristocrat Casinos in Australia FAQ

Am I safe gambling at Aristocrat casinos?

In the world of gambling, you’re as safe as you care to be. The biggest threat here is you not getting things under control and losing too much money. Even though most Aussies treat gambling for what it is, a fun pastime with the perk of getting a bit of extra money here or there, some people just can’t stop gambling when it’s clear they’ve lost more than they can afford.

If you don’t think you have it under control, don’t try to win back your losses. You’d be better off seeking professional help, talking to your close ones about your problems, and restricting the amount of money you spend on gambling.

If you’re an ordinary Aussie gambler that doesn’t have a problem, there’s only one thing in the casino industry that can hurt your finances. It’s the rogue casinos. These casinos don’t care about your winnings and are there to defraud you. Luckily enough, Online Casino AU is here to prevent you from getting into that type of trouble.

We carefully review each casino before adding it to the list and verify that all casinos are paying what they owe you on time. With Online Casino AU, you can be sure that you’re playing at an honest casino.

What casino games do Aristocrat casinos have?

Apart from table games not being present, Aristocrat’s game collection is pretty diverse. You can enjoy progressive slots, classic slots, and your regular video pokies. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from 3-reel slots to the ones with an unorthodox layout that will challenge your ideas about what a slot is.

The variety of themes is also amazing. From wildlife games like Big Red and Aristocrat’s award-winning series, Buffalo, to unique slots like 7UP, Aristocrat just doesn’t cease to take the idea of what a pokie theme may be to the limit. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, this company hits you with a slot like Madonna, and you’re back to amazement once again.

Can I get a bonus in Aristocrat casinos?

Since Aristocrat is so widely represented in casinos both in Australia and abroad, it’s hard to pinpoint the exact bonus amount you could get at Aristocrat casinos. It depends on individual casinos, and you can learn exactly how much money you’re going to get if you read casino reviews here on Online Casino AU.

What is the best Aristocrat casino in Australia?

While this largely depends on your individual preferences, we can confidently say, VideoSlots.com is one of the best Aristocrat casinos out there. It is a big international casino that accepts Aussie players and it has over 1600 games on the platform. This means if you ever grow tired with playing Aristocrat pokies, there are some fresh titles to explore.

How many slots Aristocrat produced?

Aristocrat has been in the gambling business for over half a century. That is a huge number, and Aristocrat has been nothing but prolific during its years in the industry. It has produced well over 200 games, all of which you can play online. The future holds even more great titles as the company recently acquired an extremely prolific game manufacturer, Big Fish.

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