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Flexepin casinos in Australia

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With the ever-growing popularity of gambling, sites, more gamers turn to voucher cards to stay anonymous and safe online. The casino websites are quick to catch on to that trend: it’s their priority to make sure their payers can make a smooth and stress-free cash deposit or send a payment to get another round of spins. If you are in Australia, Flexepin can be your gateway to easy online payments without a single hitch or a dreaded paper trail.

Top online casinos use Flexepin since they care about your right to keep your wins and other gambling business to yourself. Some casinos that include voucher cards as their payment options are FastPay Casino, Casinonic, ILucki, and dozens of others. Australian gamblers can use Flexepin as one of the trusty methods to pay for their deposits, and we shall explore this option at length in the following article. We will mention a few Flexepin casinos in Australia to narrow your search.

Best Australian Flexepin Casinos

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About Flexepin

Flexepin is a voucher that can be used as a prepaid debit card. If you are an Australian native, you can pick it up at the closest selected store within your vicinity along with your daily groceries or get it online from one of its online retailers (Flexepin, OffGamers, SEAGM, and others). Then all there’s left to do is scratch off the protective layer, which will reveal 16 digits.

Those digits will serve as debit card information you can input when making a deposit. The available denominations for vouchers range from 20 AUD to 500 AUD. You can use Flexepin to make a deposit in your favourite online casino. There are plenty of casinos that accept Flexepin. Some Aussie Flexepin casinos include but are not limited to Uptown Pokies Casino, Royal Rabbit Casino, or Fair Go Casino.

How does one make a deposit using Flexepin?

As mentioned above, you use Flexepin as a typical debit card. Choose an online casino of your liking, but check first if it accepts Flexepin as a deposit method. Many of them do, but it doesn’t hurt to double-check to make sure. After making a sound choice, sign up, and create an account. After you put in standard personal information, the system will process and approve your account. Next, you will be asked to select a payment method, and here you will need to choose a Flexepin as a default deposit payment method. Enter the 16-digit PIN you have revealed before. You will be able to gamble right away, as there will be immediately transferred cash in your account. Aussie Flexepin casinos provide a great variety of games for you to choose from.

Withdrawal Process with Flexepin

Unfortunately, there is no way for you to withdraw money from your Flexepin voucher directly. Moreover, it would help if you were made aware that there is no way for you to reverse the transaction once the Flexepin voucher is redeemed. So please, consider a backup way for you to withdraw your winning cash. A bank transfer could become your viable option, but there are many others.

Flexepin Minimum Deposits

You are set on trying that new rad game you came across yesterday. Now all you have to do is make a deposit. Every Paysafecard casino has a set of its own requirements, including minimum deposit limits. For Flexepin, the minimum deposit starts at 20 AUD. Its maximum sum of the deposit runs at about 500 AUD. To be exact, Flexepin vouchers come in $20, $50, $100, $150, $250, $300 and $500 denominations.Unless you are a pro gambler, read the fine print before agreeing to the Terms and Conditions. Even with Flexepin being the safest option to gamble online, it doesn’t hurt to familiarize yourself with your options in case of an unfortunate mishap.

Any Deposit Bonuses when Using Flexepin?

If you hesitate about getting your first deposit bonus when using a Flexepin Voucher, don’t be. Read closely what sum you need to deposit to get your sweet welcome bonus and play along with the rules outlined in every online casino specifically to claim it. Flexepin will not be an obstacle here. Make sure your deposit is as big as required, and you are in!

Are There Any Flexepin Deposit Fees?

Great news, there is no pesky 2.5% deposit fee when using Flexepin, unlike it is with some other payment methods like your common debit or credit card. The majority of the casinos do accept a Flexepin voucher as a payment option, many Australian casinos do. So if you are looking to spend that 2.5% on some nice slot games, Flexepin is one of the best options. However, always recheck if there are any changes to the payment systems and their conditions before you fully commit. The banking and deposit policy could be changed unbeknownst to you, so get informed to avoid the shorter end of the stick.

Are Flexepin transactions safe?

The idea of a Flexepin voucher is for you to stay anonymous in your gambling for whatever reason you deem essential. If you purchase a Flexepin with hard cash, there is no paper trail, and the world doesn’t have to know about your gambling deeds, nor do you have to compromise your sensitive credit card info to an online casino.

Where can one make a Flexepin deposit?

Flexepin is available in Europe, Canada, and Australia, of course. Take into account that since you will be likely purchasing this voucher in AUD currency, it is your best bet to use it while gambling at any Australian Flexepin casino to minimize any extra fees on your deposit transactions. There are plenty to choose from, so it’s a no-brainer.

Where can’t one use Flexepin?

Though it is not banned anywhere, per se, this payment method works only in a selected number of countries. Those are Australia, most European countries, and Canada.

Main Advantages of Flexepin

Flexepin is the easiest way to pay online when you have only cash on you

Granted, you don’t own any credit card yet or are not comfortable owning one to make deposits at your favourite Aussie online casino, Flexepin is a great and safe way to play pokies and slots whenever you feel like it. All you are looking for is any local shop that carries Flexepin vouchers.

Stay safe, stay anonymous.

Your data and possibly compromising information are safe and hidden with Flexepin with no chance of it being exposed. Flexepin takes its customers’ anonymity seriously, so there is no chance for it to be corrupted since the service uses encryption certificates and regularly checks how trustworthy the service is.

Flexepin is a widely accepted payment option in AU.

Accessibility translates into easiness, and, thus, Flexepin is a widely available method of making a deposit if you are an Australian citizen. Get on your computer and google nearby stores that have Flexepin or hop online to get the voucher there. No extra charges or fees on top of the actual price of the voucher. This makes your first try at an online casino a fun experience, not a daunting one.

Exceptionally low fraud risk

Life happens, and if someone hacks his way into your account or you seem to tap into an online casino you shouldn’t have, you and your bank account are safe. Sure, there is still little joy in losing $50 but losing your entire savings is a much greater sorrow. You may make a funny story to tell over the drinks out of the first case, but you will find it much harder to laugh over the worst-case scenario. This payment option protects you from great losses on all accounts.

Some Flexepin Disadvantages

No way to withdraw your cash

Unlike with a credit or a debit card, you can’t use Flexepin to make a withdrawal of the money you won. This means you will have to come up with another way of claiming your wins. That doesn’t mean that you need to say no to Flexepin. You can always get a bank transfer or use an e-wallet option; both are viable withdrawal ways at most online casinos.

500 AUD is the highest deposit

If you are a high-roller in the gambling world, then maybe Flexepin and other vouchers are not the best choices for you since there is a considerable limit on the deposit you can make at once. Mind you, there are also several restrictions in place to have many Flexepin vouchers you can have at the same time, so stacking them up may not be a possible option if you were to take that route.

Top 3 Australian Flexepin Casinos

I hope we have convinced you how safe it is to use Flexepin. Now, the question is, where exactly you can use it? Here are some top Australian online casinos that accept Flexepin as their deposit method that we have hand-picked for you. Fantastic slots, pokies, and table games await you, so give them a try.

BondiBet Casino

This online casino has a word about being extra gamer friendly, providing a fun, safe, and reliable gaming experience to its users. This online casino was established in 2018, and it has won the loyal love of its users in no time. Excellent game choice from the world’s best gaming studios, including but not limited to IGTech, Octopus Gaming, Vivo, Betsoft, and more. This all comes down to you having lots of gambling fun playing a wider variety of exclusive games, Classic Slots, Progressive Jackpot Games, Table Games, and Live Dealer games, to name a few.

Royal Rabbit Casino

Royal Rabbit is a relatively new introduction to the online casino community but won’t leave you uninterested. This online casino started in 2020 with its parent company Mountberg Limited based in Cyprus. Mountberg Limited has a Curacao license. Royal Rabbit Casino is a multilingual experience, too, with staggering 8 languages to choose from, including major European languages. You can chat with your online international friends while bonding over some nice game. The site’s interface is clean and simple, with nothing to divert your attention from the game quality. The registration process is extra easy as well. It takes no effort to browse and learn about the casino’s policy, new games, bonuses, and promotions. If you find yourself lost, the live chat option is at the bottom of the page at all times to navigate you. Even if it’s the first time playing this casino “Popular Games” and “Recently Played” buttons will make your choice easier.


This casino is born out of sheer love and professional drive to create an unprecedented gaming experience. Created by the gambling junkies, this casino knows what you have wished for an online casino to be and goes far beyond your expectations. The casino’s website has an incredible layout, an intelligent UX, a wide range of game providers, and a reward system for players that is the best among its competitors. StickyWild has come up with its player reward system that is nothing short of awesome. It’s a gulp of fresh air and something you and your friends should give a try in your free time.

Other Ways of Withdrawing but Flexepin

You can better both worlds by using Flexepin as your deposit method and withdrawing money with another payment system. You can always use Visa, Mastercard, bank transfer, almost any e-wallet, Bitcoin, or an alternative for Flexepin — Paysafecard. Let’s explore them in great detail to set your foot on the one that is the most comfortable for you.

Credit cards

This method is trusted and has a great reputation among its users, too; take Visa or Mastercard as a prime example. Credit cards provide you with a quicker service, and you can also use them to withdraw money. But in case you are iffy about the website’s shady business, Flxepin is the best option for you to protect your credit card and your funds from any unauthorized money transaction. Additionally, a money transfer can come at an additional fee ranging from 0.8% to 1.3%, depending on your service.

Bank transfer

You can use a bank transfer to make your casino deposit, but it will take up a lot of time, and it is virtually impossible to leave no paper trail behind, so you need to be aware of that too. However, this method allows you to grab the cash you won, which is not an option with Flexepin. With this method, expect additional fees along the way, and money will take its sweet time to end up in your hands. This method is an oldtimer, so don’t expect anything new from it.


Another widely used payment method in most casinos, however, requires you to give up your sensitive information to log in and authorize your account. However, you don’t need to give away nearly as much information as with any method mentioned above, which still forks for anonymity. But most gamblers choose e-wallets as their preferred payment system. Why is it so? Apart from the anonymity, the fees are quite low (it is free to make a deposit), and the service is quick and easy since you can be on your computer or your phone.


If you are a cryptocurrency geek, there is no need for us to tell you all the nice stuff that comes with this method. It’s again safe and quick, and you lose nothing while transferring your costs at the comfort of your mobile phone. To use it, first, you will have to register for any Bitcoin Wallet of your liking. To do so, go to Bitcoin.org to download the free wallet to store your Bitcoins. There you can buy coins from other traders or mine them yourself. To decide the best option for you, consult a couple of articles to make the best deal. After gaining your first bitcoins, you are ready to play at the Bitcoin casino, test your luck and win some nice bucks. You withdraw your wins the same way you can make a deposit using a Bitcoin wallet. As you can see, this way is far from being an easy one since it involves quite a several steps.


Paysafecard is another alternative anonymous service akin to Flexepin. It’s the same deal all the way: you get a voucher from your closest shop or gas station, stretch off the protected layer, and here you go! The process of using Paysafecard is no different to Flexepin: just as in the case of the latter one, we will use the revealed 16 digits as your credit card number at practically any online casino. Unfortunately, the main drawback of this method is that it is virtually impossible to withdraw money while using Paysafecard.

Flexepin Casinos FAQ

How safe is Flexepin as a deposit method at an online casino?

It is very safe. The card has a unique 16-digit PIN code used to authorize the money transfer. Please ensure you do not share this private information with anyone, even support managers, or send it via emails or other messengers to your friends. This private PIN code guarantees that your casino investments are protected and available only to you and you.

Can you instantly withdraw money with Flexepin?

Unfortunately, you can not; this service does not yet provide a Withdrawal option. Flexepin users may try various options to cash in the money they won by using different types of invoices for withdrawal to protect their anonymous money transfers. E-wallets and Bitcoin wallets are a few to mention.

How do you deposit with Flexepin?

You can deposit with a Flexepin card, which may take nearly five minutes. All you have to do to log into your casino account is go to the deposit section, choose the Flexepin icon among the listed deposit methods, select it and enter your unique 16-digit PIN code, then confirm the transaction. Don’t forget to take your voucher and upload the deposit to your online account.

What online casinos use Flexepin?

There are a lot of casinos that are using the Flexepin payment method. Google this question and find more than 60 casinos with Flexepin icons in their deposit section.

Where can one purchase Flexepin?

You can buy Flexepin voucher cards online via official sites or offline distributors. Flexepin cards have the same service options, but different types of amounts $20, $50, $100, $150, $250, $300 and $500. Please choose the one you need and pick it up at the closest shop.

Are there any Flexepin casino bonuses?

In case the casino offers a new deposit bonus or other bonuses, you may deposit with Flexepin and receive all available promotions on that particular casino site.

What are some major advantages of using Flexepin at an online casino?

Here are some major advantages to Flexepin: i) it’s safe and secure, by using Flexepin, you receive a high-security level while being anonymous; ii) it’s available since the Flexepin company has grown, its distributors are available online and offline in a wide range of countries; iii) it provides 24-hour support; that is why you may contact Flexepin support via the available email address and solve all your questions and issues if there are any; iv) it offers a diversification of deposit and withdrawal process; v) one can use Flexepin for deposits and another favourite type of money transfer for an easy and quick withdrawal.

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