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What are the luckiest slot machines?

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Luck is the central question in gambling. When it comes to playing online slots in Australia, it determines almost everything. The most problematic point with this concept is that it may be challenging to define. In such conditions, it is impossible to develop an objective gradation of slot games according to the levels of luck associated with them. Meanwhile, numerous gamblers keep on posing questions regarding the luckiest slot games in history. Even though we are quite subjective about such a definition, we will still try to respond to the question by focusing on legendary games that have provided the biggest prizes to fortunate gamblers. We will also distinguish classic mechanical slots from online slot games in order to provide you with a complete picture. Sounds attractive? Make sure to check this material to know more about the time of the luckiest pokies.

The most legendary slot machine ever

The name “Megabucks” is an outstanding brand when it comes to the domain of digital gambling. What makes this slot machine so special? Well, it is, by far, the most common game of its kind. Another essential point about Megabucks is that this slot machine remains popular for more than 30 years. It has been developed in 1986, and this slot machine still remains one of the industry’s most widespread attractions.

Meanwhile, the most notable feature that allows us to state that a particular game is lucky is the number of stories about people winning impressive prizes. Well, it is definitely the point when it comes to Megabucks. After all, this slot machine is responsible for the greatest jackpot in the history of slot games.

In 2003, an anonymous software engineer from Los Angeles visited his relatives in Las Vegas. His uncle suggested that a 25-year old man has to try luck with Megabucks. The software engineer went to a legendary Excalibur casino without any significant hopes. However, it proved to be the luckiest day in his life. The man managed to win a remarkable jackpot of $39.7 million. He gave a significant part of the prize to his parents; however, the remaining part was, certainly, big enough to make the man rich.

Apart from this story, Megabucks plays a central role in many other success stories. For example, flight attendant Cynthia Jay Brennan managed to win a jackpot of $35 million in the Las Vegas Desert Inn casino. Guess which slot machine did she use? Surely, it was Megabucks. Another great story tells about a retired flight attendant who has managed to win a jackpot of $27 million with Megabucks. The interesting point is that the gambler initially wanted to bet only $100 but then decided to put a higher sum at stake. As a result, $300 brought him one of the biggest jackpots in casino history. There was also a story of Johanna, a 74-year old lady who decided to give slots a spin in 2002. As a result, the lucky woman managed to win a prize of $22 million.

Are all these stories not enough to prove that Megabucks may be viewed as the luckiest slot machine ever? Well, if you still have doubts, let us tell you about the situation with Elmer Sherwin. This man managed to win a great jackpot of $4.6 million in 1989. In 2005, Elmer Sherwin managed to catch even greater luck. This time, the man won a jackpot of $21.1 with Megabucks. For sure, all such stories confirm the legendary status of Megabucks and allow us to state that it is the luckiest slot machine ever.

The luckiest attraction in online slots history

When it comes to digital gambling, one should mention that this domain has its own legends. Probably, many players would present their favourite games as the luckiest ones in the industry. Still, there exists an online slot game that officially tops all such games. It is fixed in the Guinness Book of Records as a slot game that has brought the biggest jackpot in the history of online pokies.

In this case, it goes about Mega Moolah. This legendary game was launched in 2006 and still remains a popular attraction among online gambling enthusiasts. This digital slot machine transfers a player to the African bushes, where one can try luck with icons displaying diverse symbols and animals. Even though this game may seem outdated, Mega Moolah remains a popular attraction among online gambling enthusiasts.

The main point is that many gamblers know about record-breaking achievements associated with Mega Moolah. In 2015, a gambler managed to win a remarkable jackpot of almost $21 million with this slot machine. In 2019, this record was almost surpassed by another lucky player. An anonymous gambler won a jackpot of $20,057,734 with Mega Moolah. For sure, such stories confirm the status of Mega Moolah as the most rewarding online slot game. Throughout the years, it brought many gamblers remarkable prizes that set new industry milestones. Such facts are valid enough to claim that Mega Moolah deserves its place in the pantheon of the luckiest slot games ever.

In conclusion

In general, it is not very correct to claim that a specific slot machine is the luckiest ever. Luck is an individual feature. Some gamblers can win remarkable money in slot games that bring others only losses, and vice versa. Meanwhile, one can still distinguish the luckiest slot games in terms of overall prizes they have brought to players and their reputation. When it comes to classic pokies, a legendary Megabucks slot machine is a definite king. It is the most legendary attraction in the industry. Besides, it is also responsible for the greatest jackpot in the history of slot games and numerous other remarkable prizes won by players throughout the years. As for online gambling, we should mention Mega Moolah. Two of the biggest jackpots to ever occur in online slots are associated with this game. For sure, such an argument confirms this legendary game’s lucky status. Meanwhile, you should not focus on such stories. The best choice is to find your own lucky game. Who knows, maybe new industry records await you with much less famous yet promising slot machines?

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